As you may know that the business of vicious zombies isn’t growing like it was a few years ago. Now, werewolves, vampires and other deadly creatures have moved in and almost conquered the cinematic turf, but zombies aren’t dead, they moved to video games where you have an opportunity to use the modern technology to slay them as gleefully and as viciously as you want.

Zombieland is the 2nd horror mixed comedy movie to be released to represent the zombies in a fun way. The film was released in 2009, and it is set in post-apocalyptic-themed zombie land.

In the movie, you will see Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, and Abigail Breslin in action, who are struggling for their lives in a zombie apocalypse.

In a fun way, you see that the movie revolves around a geek college student, who is trying to make his way through the zombie apocalypse, encountering three different strangers along his journey and together taking an extended trip across the Southwestern US.

Vicious Zombies are waiting for Survivors

Despite having loads of weapons, there are several locations where all characters will trap and try their best to come out.

So, as a team, they need to struggle to find a sanctuary free from vicious zombies. Where did the  story start, and what actually happened? Let’s explore it!

Almost two months have been passed since the mad cow disease’s strain transformed into an insane person infection that also became mad zombie disease, overrun the whole US, turning lots of people into brutal zombies.

However, the survivors of the zombie epidemic have discovered and learned that they don’t need to attack with other survivors because they could become zombies at any moment.

In the start, an unaffected college kid named Columbus is trying to make his way from his college in Austin to Columbus, to visit his parents.

During the journey, he meets another survivor named Tallahassee, who is famous and violent in smashing zombies.

Although he doesn’t seem to be sociable, Tallahassee somewhat permits the college kid to travel with him.
Humanity is standing at the Edge of Destruction

Mankind never got around to reading the guide of zombie survival, and now, vicious zombies are increasing day by days, attacking people to inject the virus to make all people like them.

Zombies are ugly, slowly moving, and sometimes crawling creatures, who’re looking for fresh blood to maintain their thirst of blood. The survivors are better choices for them to gain a new supply of their food.

So, in the movie, Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) explores Zombieland, while in another hand, Columbus runs across Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson). After that, two of them meets sisters named as Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) and Witchita (Emma Stone).

The survivor girls are also attempting to get to Pacific Playland. So, Little Rock has just a small moment of feelings similar to a kid again, but there’s not enough push beyond that. Tallahassee is just looking for some action before everything went wrong. While Columbus, instead of action, wants to follow his various survival rules, similar to brushing a girl’s hair back over her ears.


Experience Horror mixed Comedy Movie

If all these things seem silly, then that’s the point, Zombieland is a horror-comedy movie which fewer focuses on light horror but the heavy emphasis on comedy. It’s awesomely a road trip movie with elements of episodic comedy splattered with violent scenes.

And, I’m sure you’re expecting lots of fun. However, the film isn’t in honor for post-zombie movies like Shaun of the Dead, or even attempting to re-imagine then like 28 Days Later.

It merely knows common zombie survival mistakes with some humor and then has the main character, a kid who describes him as a rule like Cardio or the Double Tap, means not being panic with your weapons and ensuring your un-dead has become dead and dead.

With all these rules in mind, all characters are free to immerse themselves in inventive and hilarious kills, primarily belonging to Tallahassee.

While the narration of Jesse Eisenberg perfects suits with the tone of the movie, the real hero here is Harrelson as he amazingly transforms into zombie killing machine, in itself an art.

Most sane people would never charge at the rank of zombie with a set of hedge-clippers as their weaponry of selection, but for Tallahassee, you definitely receive the feeling that he’s doing it efficiently because he’s never slaughtered a zombie that way before.

During the movie, Harrelson is experiencing so much fun similar to that idea of the narration of Eisenberg, he ultimately sets the tone, and the joy is infectious.

Fictional West Coast Amusement Park

Moreover, the film concludes in a fictional West Coast Amusement Park, thoroughly plagued by brutal zombies. All survivors need to run away from the park to save their lives.

However, one-half-expects a unique Clark Griswold to display – where, as it’s unique in the genre, the balance between the comedy and action tilts instead of heavily bending toward the ex.

But, unlike, the move never falls out of kilter; the different recreations at the fictional amusement park provides more than a few entertainment ways while dispatching the undead creatures.

In one of the intense scenes, the hero Columbus stops his zombie female neighbor. She chases him to survive while scaring from the zombie. Upon gradually navigating the land, she breaks her ankle, snaps her neck by thumping her with toilet cover.

An arsenal of weaponry includes shotguns and machine guns, splash all eyeballs and intestines almost everywhere. In the last, that takes place in an amusement park, all four survivors of the movie blast away. Vicious zombies splat to the land from fifty feet in the air, are brutally smashed and thrown flying by twirling rides and are brutally shredded by massive automatic fire.

There’s one thing I really appreciate about this movie is that it doesn’t avoid the concept of character development. So, don’t misunderstand, because they’re by no means fully realized, 3D entities, they are more caricatures. Each scene has some nine memorable moments. The movie is full of fun, entertainment, and horror as well.

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