Sure, he has his quirks. Who wouldn’t have some kind of psychological problems after the end of the world as we know it? However, Negan shows us what leadership should be in a post-apocalypse.

The Negan Provides

Negan supplied a safe environment for the most productive members of his group. You may have thought of Negan’s Head Quarters as a prison work camp for the people living there.

Look at it again with a more critical eye, without the emotional strain of Abraham and Glens’s deaths.

It had clean water, food, even electricity. Barter could be done without fear of being killed for the goods you were trading.. There was medical care.

And most importantly, people didn’t have to worry about attacks from the undead or other survivors.

All the basic necessities of post apoc life were available in his compound. Hell, there were even video games there.

Keeps other more dangerous people in check and is able to control their actions.

Let’s face it if it weren’t Negan it would have been someone else. It might have been the cannibals at Terminus.

It might have been Simon who is definitely a worse proposition. It might have been those psychos at the junkyard.

What Negan does is keep those other more dangerous groups or people in check.

Simon is held under the thumb of Negan throughout the show, until the end of Negan’s reign. The trash people stay in the trash.

Bonus: no one has to eat human flesh.

You might argue that he was evil because he forced Dwight’s wife to become his wife. I didn’t see Dwight’s wife arguing.

Sure he had  a harem but what powerful ruler in history hasn’t had a flock of ladies waiting in the wings?

You might say that he is worse than the kingdom or the hilltop. Perhaps that is true.

The King is a good guy, but at the same time he just made it all up. He was just trying to hold it all together and at some point that Tiger was going to eat someone.

The guy from the Hilltop is just a weasel who would sell anyone out to save his own skin. How can you trust a guy like that to lead?

He places people in positions where they will do the most good.

He doesn’t use people like Eugene to go and collect taxes. He employs the people that other people will fear.

This is a significant advantage in Post-apo. Folks won’t want to give up their goods. Goods that could possibly just go to waste.

Let’s face it, none of the other survival colonies were starving and someone had to make sure that they would hand over those items.

The people with valuable skill sets he took to his compound. Where they could be protected and utilized in the most effective ways possible.

Where resources would be available to them to produce goods that would be of value to others.

I think that had the people of Hilltop or the Kingdom asked for something that they needed, they might have been able to get it from Negan.

But they didn’t ask. Instead, the Hilltop sent assassins to try and kill the man. I would be acting a little pissy too if someone had come to kill me.

And probably would have retaliated as anyone else would have.

I believe Negan had a plan.

I almost feel as though there was a method to the way that Negan conducted his little Fiefdom.

Gathering skilled labor and resources under one roof. Solidifying a power base and centralizing authority.

If Negan had just a little more time without the distraction of Rick’s group trying to murder him, I think he would have been able to create a better world for everyone.

What he needed was technical know-how which Eugene would have provided. That is, had Eugene not betrayed him.

That engineering skill would have helped Negan to capitalize on the available resources and manpower he had already established.

They might have been able to provide power to the other colonies. Secure medical training for each area.

He is a man of his word.

At no point has Negan not done  what he said he would do. Sure it has been heavy-handed at times.

Ok, well, most of the time. But still it is better leadership than the unstructured, fly by the seat of the pants, goal lacking direction of that literal Cuckold Rick.

Rick the guy that has led his band of followers from one dangerous situation to another, starving half the time.

It is almost as if he is playing a game of musical chairs where you end up a corpse or a zombie.

At this point, it is safe to say that he has won that round of musical chairs.

Out of the original group of survivors, Rick is the absolutely only one to be still alive.



He makes spaghetti for your kids

That’s right, he makes spaghetti for your kids…Rick. Who else at the end of the world would make spaghetti for your kids but Negan?

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