The movie begins with a young woman burying a half-burnt body. The camera pans away to show some kind of alien spacecraft off in the distance.

The movie is an alien apocalypse film. However, unlike most alien apocalypse films this isn’t about the aliens destroying humans. It is instead about the interactions of humans and other humans.

Sarah Connolley a 19-year-old woman living with her brother in a farmhouse weathers the apocalypse with her small farm. Her brother, William, has been flash blinded as the aliens arrived and spends his days tending the small garden and listening to messages left on ham radio.

The alien invaders are just a backdrop to the farm. The crafts of the aliens shuttle to and from the mother ship as they drill into the earth and harvest its resources.

The only significance is that they do it at all hours of the day except for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. It is revealed in exposition, that they will immediately incinerate anyone who is left out in the open during all other times.

The Connelleys make due as best as they can until a man dressed as a soldier arrives at their doorstep and allows himself into pillage. That is until he is caught by the pair. After being subdued, it is discovered that he is suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg.

Soon after, a group of other survivors arrives and demand that they hand over the man. What ensues is the cause and effect of the decision of the Connelleys about what to do with the man. Should they hand him over in the hopes that this other group will leave them in peace?

Or should they trust the man that tried to steal from them based on his explanation of events?

The Good
The film is not your average alien apocalypse film, and that may be why it has such bad reviews on some sites.

Some explanation of the aliens is given, but they are not the stars of the show.

The story is mainly about what people will do in tough situations, how they survive under the thumbs of hostile invaders and the choices that they are forced to make.

It is a moderate to slow paced movie, but it does get to the point.

It is a decent tale and was nominated for Best UK Feature at the 22nd Raindance Film Festival.

The Bad
The relationships are just never really fleshed out. You never really understand the choices that the characters make. It is like watching one-dimensional cardboard cutouts.

I feel that this is due to the writing and not necessarily on the actors. Most give a reasonably good performance.

The takeaway
It is a decent movie. If you’re just tired of all the other alien apocalypse films and need something a little different, this would be it. The ideas are interesting, but the delivery isn’t quite as good as it could perhaps have been.

I say this because the choices seem almost arbitrary to move the movie along. Not enough deliberation is given with what is done. It almost feels as if a coin toss would be a better explanation as to why people do what they do.

I can see how this would have been a much better movie if they had merely explored different aspects of the characters pasts with visuals instead of explanations.

But otherwise, it is pretty solid.