Two Easy Ways to Make Alcohol From Home

Who doesn’t like to do a little partying during the Apocalypse? I know I do. But when those shining, almost glowing from inner light booze stores have already been raided and looted, what is a Wastelander to do?

Make your own of course!!

With some sugar and a little time at your disposal, you’ll be well on your way to manufacturing safe?- to drink alcohol.

Alcohol is useful in calming and inducing a relaxed state. It has some medicinal qualities.

It also can make you take off all your clothes and do all kinds of things that you’ll regret in the morning.

So let’s make some alcohol and some bad decisions together.

For the purposes of this article, we shall be looking at two simple and basic ways to make alcohol from home.

If you die or go blind that just means that you did it wrong.

How To Make Alcohol From Table Sugar

Notably, this type of alcohol does not taste as great as compared to the excellent stuff decked on the shelves in stores. However, it is instrumental in making a person drunk. In Finland, this type of alcohol is commonly referred to as Kiliju.

Below are the steps on how to make it:
• A cup of table sugar
• Four cups of water that is heated up to 85 degrees
• Two teaspoons of wine or baker’s yeast
• A glass jar
• A bucket
• A two-liter bottle

• Take the yeast, sugar and the four cups of warm water and mix them into a container. Ensure that the bottle is plastic and is clean before mixing in the contents
• To mix thoroughly, shake the contents inside the bottle before placing a lid over it.
• Ensure that you do not tighten the top to let the gas escape as you allow the mixture ferment
• Let it ferment for at least seven days. You’ll know that the mixture is done fermenting if you can no longer see bubbles
• Once fermented, filter it using a coffee filter. This helps remove all the yeast particles from the drink. Do this a couple of times until the mixture is clear
• Once filtered, it is ready to drink. Enjoy

How To Make Alcohol From Fruit Juice

This type of alcohol is a lot tastier than its Kiliju counterpart, thanks to the fruit juice.
• A gallon of juice. Please ensure that the juice is 100 percent
• ¼ teaspoon of yeast, specifically wine yeast
• ½ cup of cane sugar
• An airlock bubbler
• A bottle stopper

• Grab a glass and pour half a cup of the fruit juice into it.
• Add the yeast and sugar before mixing it thoroughly. For extra measure, place a lid over the glass to give the mixture a good shake. Stop when you’ve noticed that the sugar and yeast have dissolved
• Now, pour the mixture into a bottle with the cap loosely placed over it
• Place the glass with the mixture inside a dish. This way, whatever juice bubbles out will fall into the dish
• Let it ferment for two days straight before shaking the mixture again. While shaking the mixture, please ensure that the lid is tightly placed on top of the bottle to avoid spillage
• Place the container back into a dish and let it ferment for two more days before shaking it again. After the two days are over, shake the mixture again and place it in the lid for another two days
• After six days, push the stopper into the bottle. Then, add water into the airlock halfway. Add the airlock to the bottle.
• Let the mixture sit for about six more weeks.
• The water in the airlock helps keep insects away. Moreover, it helps the gas produced during the fermentation process to escape out of the bottle
• As you wait for the six weeks to elapse, keep checking it. Ensure that the airlock is still filled with water halfway.
• After the six weeks of fermentation, check for any bubbling. If there’s no sign of bubbling, the drink is ready for consumption