Danish horror film Directed by Martin Barnewitz

Danny is your typical Danish High School student trying to work up the courage to talk to his crush.

His younger brother makes his way through school being as challenging as possible to the local bully. Rie, just wants

Danny to realize that she is into him.

Everything comes crashing down around them as after a combination of pollution, global warming and over-industrialization create a new species of alpha predator.

The town is more than decimated by this unexpected arrival of a hyper-aggressive man-eater.

The Two brothers without any real survival skills must learn to stay alive in this new and hostile environment where man is no longer top of the food chain.

The Good
The film takes storytelling to a very lofty height. Not only is this a tale of the apocalypse but also the story of two brothers.

At the beginning of the film, we see how Danny fails in his duty as an older brother.

He succumbs to his own fears and peer pressures.
His brother is left to fend for himself and develops a wave of ever-increasing anger at Danny and, perhaps, the world in general.

Danny is also oblivious to the interest of Rie, the girl that he has had a long time crush on.

We get to watch Danny’s transformation from this weak person into a man of decisive action and courage in the face of horrifying odds.

It isn’t a bloody film and doesn’t rely on heavy-handed tactics to scare you. You hardly see the creatures, and that actually helps to heighten the sense of fear and anxiety.

The effects of shock and awe are palpable, we feel the disaster as it strikes and tries to make sense of it as they would.

The Bad
If there is one bad thing, it would be that the creature effects are not on par with bigger Hollywood productions.

They are still better than 95% of the low budget indies out there but don’t expect “Aliens” level special effects.

Even so, there are a handful of special effects that really make the movie pop.

This is a Danish film, at the time that I have seen it there is no option for English Dub-over.

You will have to endure with the subtitles.

The Takeaway
I found this film to be very enjoyable. It is short at 80 plus minutes and the story arc moves quickly. It is an interesting version of Apocalypse and one that can be viewed in multiple ways.

The characters are believable, the scenarios and situations that the characters find themselves in are acceptably relatable.

You like Danny, his brother William and Rie, you hope that they survive.

I give this film 4 out of 5 cans of pickled Herring.