What to do after Wasteland Weekend.

What to do after Wasteland Weekend.

Wasteland Weekend the largest Post-Apocalypse party in the world is almost upon us.

People gather from all over the world to enjoy one wild week in the ashes of the old world of California City, California, U.S.A. Started in 2010 it has been home to, at last count, over 4,000 Wastelanders decked out in the latest fashion a post-apo war society has to offer.

Wastelanders enjoy concerts, casino, burlesque, fire-dancing, Jugger/Thunderdome-esque battles and a wide array of some of the most amazing cars you would ever hope to imagine.

While it may appear terrifying to outsiders, attendees create bonds in the wasteland that are hard to replicate anywhere else.

People here are some of the best humans you could possibly hope to meet.

That being said, once WW is over what do you do next? If you have a moment after the party here are a few things that you can enjoy that are within a three-hour drive from the grounds of Wasteland Weekend.

Universal studios tour

The Walking Dead Attraction

Located in Universal City, Ca the theme park boasts attractions based on shows and blockbuster movies. Currently, there is an attraction based on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

There is a live action spectacle based on the movie Waterworld, full of explosive special effects and high flying stunts.

Well worth the trip. You can enjoy other non-PA attractions there as well featuring: Transformers, Jurassic Park and the Simpson.

There is even a Behind the scenes tram tour which will take you onto a back lot with surprises that I will not spoil for you here.



Oue skyspace LA – https://oue-skyspace.com/

Need to unleash your inner daredevil? OUE Skyspace lets you enter by taking a quick slide in a glass tube suspended on the edge of the second largest building in Los Angeles.

From there you are given access to one of the most spectacular views of Los Angeles, one that allows you to view the area from the mountain to the sea.

Six flags – Need a little more thrill ride action. Six Flags has you covered. It is home to Twisted Colossus, the world’s longest, most innovative hybrid coaster.

Full Throttle, at 160 feet/ 48 meters the tallest and fastest “looping” roller coaster in the world.

Six Flags is an innovative theme park that has often been home to the quickest and tallest thrill rides in the world.

Aquarium of the Pacific – A beautiful aquarium. It has various exhibits and hands-on events.

There is a Shark Lagoon that is home to 150 sharks, some you can even touch!! Interactive displays, an amphitheater and just a fantastic assortment of wildlife to gaze at.

It is a must-see for any wildlife lover.

Los Angeles Natural History Museum – An incredible museum, one of the best outside of the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Another favorite of nature lovers.

If you are from outside the U.S. and visiting it is worth a stop. There is little in Europe that approaches a Nature Museum of the Calibre.

Madame Tussauds – In Hollywood and need to take a photo with a star for your Instagram? Madame Tussauds has had your back since 1835.

The world-famous wax statue museum has displays of the world’s most famous leaders and celebrities. All made in near life-like effigy.


Griffith Observatory – This Planetarium offers one of the most absolutely amazing shows on space while under the influence of California Devil Lettuce, or not. It is also a favorite spot for filming various television and movie scenes.

These movies include; The Terminator, La La Land, Queen of the Damned, Transformers and Jurassic Park. It also has been seen in some television shows as well.

Once you’ve been every time you see it in media, you will always say, “Oohh, I’ve been there, that’s Griffin Observatory.” And look cool in front of your friends, or not.



Sequoia National Park – Hate city life and want to see one of the most amazing natural spectacles this world has to offer? Head on over to Sequoia National Park. Home to the world’s Tallest and Oldest Redwood trees.

It is indeed a fantastic place that doesn’t get nearly enough love. Granted, you do have to go through Bakersfield to get there, but that’s ok, just don’t feed the Bakersfieldans. It will only encourage them for more.

Hollywood boardwalk – Hollywood is FAKE!! It doesn’t exist! So don’t plan to spend too much time there.

Go, Get your picture of the Hollywood sign and the Hollywood boardwalk (all in the same place and then get the hell out).

People who go to Hollywood and get lost are turned into waiters/waitresses much like the scene from “Pinnochio” were the bad children are turned into Donkeys. You have been warned.

Mojave Lava Tubes East on route 15 inside the Mojave national preserve you can find a special encounter at the Mojave Lava Tubes. These tubes were created when the outer layer of lava flowing from a cinder cone, small volcano, cooled faster than the flow of lava underneath. Millions of years old in the making this could be a site worth visiting for Geology enthusiasts.

National Atomic Testing Museum – https://nationalatomictestingmuseum.org/

Here you can experience a simulated atmospheric bomb blast at the GZ Theater. Uncover how the first Atomic Bomb was made and learn how to duck and cover at the many exhibits both permanent and new.

White Sands Missile Range – See where they tested the first Atomic bombs in Alamogordo. But call the Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce at 1-800-826-0294 or visit the White Sands Missile Range Public Affairs website at:

Because they very well could be testing missiles in certain parts of the area.

Apocalypse Vegas –  https://apocalypsevegas.com/

Inside of Las Vegas you could continue your Post Apocalypse experience by working with Former Elite Special Forces guys to clear mutants out of a genetic research facility. Apocalypse Vegas has several packages to choose from.

Fear the Walking Dead Survival

If running and gunning isn’t your thing, you could head over to the Fremont street experience. There in downtown Las Vegas, you can walk through a thrill attraction based on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead.

Fear the Walking Dead Survival

Lucky 38 – While in Vegas check out the Stratosphere Hotel, the future Lucky 38. Get an epic view of Vegas and surrounding areas. You can also, literally, walk right off the side. They have an attraction that allows you to be attached to a steel cable and then walk off the edge where you will land safely on the street level. Or just make a reservation to eat at the restaurant and enjoy the view. Or both.

The Number One Place to go after Wasteland Weekend.

One thing is certain, no matter where you go or what you do after. Wastelander Violette Valkyria suggests that you “Take a shower!!!”

What happened to the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse?

What happened to the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse?

There is one strange thing I have noticed as I have been watching various prepper websites, youtube channels and Religious Cults. It is that during 2011 up until 2012 you couldn’t spit without seeing something about the Mayan 2012 Apocalypse.

Was the 2012 Apocalypse only geared toward prepper sites? Did I imagine the entire thing? I don’t think so. All of the more mainstream media sources have maintained their stories on this event. But as far as prepper sites, everything seems to have vanished.

Not a single mention of it anywhere.

I don’t think that it’s me, I have a pretty good memory. I remember where I was at 12 pm December 21st 2012, I was working right in the middle of the “hood.” Y2k I was visiting my grandparents. 9/11 I watching the news and then headed out to a terrible temp job.

November 9th, 1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall, I noticed it and then started watching cartoons.

If I can remember where I was during all these events, surely I remember the absolute metric ton of prepper sites that catered to this “Apocalypse.”

Maybe, I am not as true a believer of Apocalypse as I should be. After all, some of the religious cults have had their predictions of Apocalypse come true.

Jim Jones predicted an apocalypse for his people and that came true.
Props to Jim Jones for making it happen.

“Son of God” David Koresh’s prediction of fire and doom came true for 81 of the true believers of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.

Heaven’s Gate literally bet their balls that the Apocalypse would happen when the Haley Bop comet came near the earth. They even still have a website up. Now that is dedication. Of course, it rips out your eyes and makes you sick to the stomach to look at it…. Unless you are insane.

But why take down all of your info on the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse? Why is it the red-headed stepchild of Doomsdays?
Y2K is still mentioned, even if it has been rebranded as “EMP Armageddon.”

Is everyone embarrassed about 2012? Has it become the pleasantly plump girl that prepper sites drunkenly banged at the office party?

I just don’t get it. It was a great End of the World scenario. It captured the public imagination.

One thing is certain, a new end of times prediction needs to found and soon. I personally can’t wait to see the people coming out of doomsday bunkers in the next few years only to be sent scurrying back.

APA interviews Nuclear Snail

APA interviews Nuclear Snail

Among the Post Apocalyptic LARP Community, Nuclear Snail is well known for his tutorials on how to achieve the Wastelander look. I ran across his channel several years ago and still remember his video on some kind of snake crotch thing. Hard to explain. Anyway, I contacted him recently and he was kind enough to do an interview with APA.

What made you get into doing what you do?

A badly translated Fallout-2 CD I bought back in Russia in 1998 gave me the first love for the post-apocalypse.

Later in life I decided to pursue a professional artist career, and in like 2010 I have discovered post-apo LARP – it was on Oldtown in Poland back then, and after that “FATE” LARP in Germany.

After spending a few years in the post-apo LARP scene (which was significantly smaller back then), I thought “why not use my artist skills to make kick-ass PA gear?!”





What is best experience that you’ve had since you’ve created nuclear snail studios?

Being able to make money from it, and also seeing it grow despite having given it way less focus than I should have. While I also work as a graphcs designer, game designer and photographer, I get quite a few interesting jobs through NSS(Nuclear Snail Studios).

And those are always fun to do, with a lot of artistic freedom and tons of appreciation granted. Anyone doing art professionally can confirm how important those things are.


Another great thing was finally coming out to Wasteland Weekend in the USA. People there are great, and I probably have the largest fanbase there.

It was super cool finally meeting some folks I had been online friends with for years in real life. And the event is ENORMOUS and ENORMOUSLY GREAT.

What was the number one difficulty creating your social media presence?

FB limiting pages reach severely (even the reach towards people who have subscribed to your page) is the biggest problem.

Because of that, you have to be present on multiple social media platforms at the same time. FB + Youtube are more than plenty for me already though, since I want to focus on my art, not on having to make 999 posts a day with proper hashtags on 999 platforms and all that nonsense.

Being in touch with your fans is great, but having to do all the online marketing tactics is just soul-draining for me. As little as I care for it, I am surprised I still have a growing presence.

I wanna just upload a picture album named “Raider Costume Something something 5, fuck you” with GREAT WORKS in it, without FB limiting post reach forcing me to use other platforms, and not worry about marketing.

That said, I am actually very capable of doing marketing – I just hate doing it, that is my biggest challenge in that area.

What do you think are some of the misconceptions about people who LARP? And what would people really find out about them?


LARPers, in general, are often regarded as weirdos and nerds – and that one is actually true. However, people do not realize that letting your inner freaky nerd out is one of the most healthy things to do.

LARP is excellent for expression! In fact, it is weird NOT to dress up as a pirate, while deep inside you want to.

Particularly regarding post-apo LARP and culture, I think many people who don´t really know or understand us to believe that we glorify violence, want the world to end, and are a bunch of basement-dwelling no-life super-weirdos in general.

Some think we are dangerous, some think we are just strange. All those crazy (and false) things… This has to do to a large extent with the fact that dystopian fiction more often than not contains contemporary guns and the like.

It is easier to get away with dressing up as a medieval knight without people thinking you are a real-life killer than it is to pull off a wastelander look with a rifle without your standard-issue citizen thinking that you´re up to no good.

Also, the genre is to a large extent about expressing aggression – which is a great and necessary thing to do, if you do it in a peaceful way that does not actually hurt anyone.

Dressing up in bloody dirty gear for pretend-play IS that peaceful way of expressing your natural aggression, and no more “violence-glorifying” than being into martial arts or watching war movies really. That is what many people don´t get.

What they would find if they came around to meet us however is that LARPers and Wastelanders are some of the most intelligent, warm, welcoming, creative, caring and acceptant people out there. We are more normal than “normal” people really if you know what I mean.

Many of use are also extremely high-level in real life, which you would in some cases not guess or expect at first. On my post-apo adventures, I have met multi-millionaires, famous artists and musicians, elite soldiers, politicians, world-class doctors and engineers, a bunch of people working high-level jobs in Hollywood, a world-class pornstar, a famous custom bike builder, and so on…

And yes, not EVERYONE is great – there are some exceptions and black sheep just like in any culture. But most of the folks doing this as a hobby (or a full-fledged lifestyle) are great.

Another fascinating thing is that this culture unites people of almost all world views, except the most extreme and aggressive ones. At least in the countries I know, being a LARPer or Wastelander means that it does not matter if you are a Republican, a Democrat, a Mormon, an atheist, a queer, a straight dudebro, a vegan, a Marine, a hippie, a rich person, a fast-food worker, a fitness freak, or a couch potato who gives 0 fucks.

You can be a Buddhist vegan animal-rights attack helicopter who identifies as a talking homosexual fish while serving his country proudly as a soldier, for all anyone cares.

Everyone is enjoying this together, treats others with respect, and leaves their own political bullshit at home. And people who get disrespectfull, aggressive, or start harassing others for whatever reason are swiftly and permanently dealt with by most event organizers and are VERY few, to begin with, compared to the other scenes I know.



  What would you suggest to anyone who is thinking of getting into this? Live action role play costume building etc.

Just do it! 

Find people near you, go to some events, don´t sweat it too much at the start.

No one is expecting top-level gear form you at first event as long as they can see you made at least some effort.

So go out there and make friends, collect experiences. First events you go to as a noob are the best ones!

Also join the NSS Community group on Facebook, being in touch with others helps a LOT:


Why do you love the Post Apocalypse/dystopia genre? Can you point to one event or one influencing show/book/movie?

I love a mix of dark, melancholic moods with a burning glimmer of hope and unstoppable life force shining through.
These things constitute good dystopian fiction and drive me:
• The spirit of adventure infused with freedom and self-determination.
• The survival of the fittest and the expression of primal human nature.
• The thrill of unexplored horizons and unknown danger.
• The rush of taking on a hostile world and dominating within it.
• The everlasting trace of time and the notion of human transience.

As far as the influences… Jesus, those are SO many, but I would say Oldschool Fallout 1 and especially Fallout 2 were the main thing. Besides that Terminator and Matrix of course, and the book Deathworld by Harry Harrison (yes, it is not PA, but still :D).




What is your favorite work of PA in terms of show/book/movie?

Hard to pick just a few, but here are some:

Movies: Terminator series, Postman, Mad Max
Series: The 100, Falling Skies, The Walking Dead
Game: Fallout-2, Fallout New Vegas, X-Com (1995 version)
Book: The Stand by Stephen King

All I need to know of Life I learned from Post-Apocalyptic MMOs

All I need to know of Life I learned from Post-Apocalyptic MMOs

There was a time before Rust, fortnight, and fallen earth. Before Bethesda murdered the Fallout Universe by shooting it in the head and burying it in a shallow grave with 76, there was fonline.

Devastating Gangs of people from around the world combine to create a post-apo hellscape so incredibly difficult to survive in that most people came and rage quit within the period of a few hours.

Most simply adopt the Post Apocalypse frame of mind. But I was born into it, molded by the harshness of the wasteland and all I needed to know of life I learned from the Post Apocalypse nightmare known as Fonline.

Education makes life easier.
In the game, you are able to read books which gives an automatic boost to skill stats. You can also, meet NPC’s that will provide you with an “education” in various professions so that you can craft your own weapons, armor or medicines.

Now, you could lose all of your game possessions in being killed and looted or being victimized in a “base rape.”

But no one could take away your knowledge or skill and your ability to make things that would help you rebuild your shattered life.

In real life, this became more evident to me. Struggling for years in jobs that paid little and having to live by the skin of my teeth. Until eventually I returned to school and completed my degree.

I found that just having that piece of paper made it possible to find jobs that were way easier and paid more. Had I become a different person? No, but it did show others that I had basic skills that were of use to them.

Sure, both in-game and IRL it was an aggravation to have to part with my hard-won money to pay for this education. I could instead buy something in game like a statted weapon or in real life like a sweet new piece of technology.

But sacrificing for that education or skill that no one could take from me has become an invaluable component of my life.
No man is an Island, find your gang.

You can be a lone wolf, losing your gear by being overcome by a large group of rats that feast on your corpse and shit all over your brand new 10mm pistol that it took hours doing shit shoveling quests to buy.

Or you can join a guild, group or gang. One that takes you around the wasteland power leveling, providing you with essential gear and showing you the tricks of survival.

Until the point that you are a beast on the battlefield, aiding them in taking over towns.

If you can’t have friends at least have allies. Join groups that have something that you are interested in.

Alumni groups, work committees, meetups, martial arts dojos maybe a cult. Where ever you can find groups that do get-togethers that may be of interest to you, do it.

You will learn new things and meet new people that have a similar interest or goal. It will help to network and lead to side quests in life and in-game that will improve your position.

It is difficult to find people that pull their own weight and force you to become a little better. Once you do, stick with them, these are the people you want to be around.

Don’t help those that don’t help themselves.

In Game: I can’t tell you how many times I gave away decent gear that I had just made to help someone that would only quit a short while later. It took time to gather those resources, my time. Which made it all the worse. Be sure not to “cast your pearls before swine.”

In real life: I once dated a woman for a few years. She would often have problems that she created herself. Whether it was wrecking her car after drinking or forgetting to pay her electric bill.

I would help her out of jam after jam. But it was just irritating and dragged me down after a while. I couldn’t move ahead in my own life because I would get caught up in her little dramas.

Make sure that when you help someone that they are willing to make changes for the better.

If they are not, then cut them off or risk losing opportunities that will help you in the long run. You will just be wasting your time and energies for someone that isn’t willing to make the changes to their life that benefit you both in some way.

Sure, people should be given a chance, but if they waste that chance, then it isn’t your responsibility or duty to try to pull someone out of the fire if they will only drag you into it.

There are limited resources and squandering yours on someone that doesn’t understand the value of them isn’t a help to you or to them.

Help people in need.
Wait, didn’t I just say not to help people? I did, but there is a difference. After giving away good gear to noobs and watching them log out, I decided instead just to take them around and show them how to do things.

I would spend a little time to teach them how to gather resources, how to craft items. I would throw them a rope that would allow them to pull themselves out of the quicksand.

I helped one noob and closed my account, I was just too busy with real life things.

I came back a year or two later and found that he had bought a base and had amassed a small fortune of several million caps. He helped me re-establish quickly in the wasteland.

Help people in need, but help them by showing them how to help themselves.

There was a neighbor that had terrible fights with her husband. I had spoken to her and found out that the reason that she didn’t leave him was that he had control over all of their money.

After she had been beaten that night and her husband went to jail, I spoke to her. It turns out that the fight had been because she had asked her husband for money for food. He had spent all the money on drinking.

I took her shopping for groceries so that she and her children wouldn’t starve and asked her what her plan was. She told me that she would go to her relatives and stay with them. So I gave her a little more money, and she made her way to safety.

Not everyone who is stuck in a bad position is a bad person. Sometimes people have made a bad choice and have found themselves stuck.

This is life, and it can be easy to see yourself in dangerous positions.

That doesn’t mean that everyone is irredeemable. Sometimes they just need a little help to make their life better. You can try to be that person, it often doesn’t cost too much and can create a lifelong friend.

Your enemies are a blessing in disguise.

I had just started in one of the Fonlines. I would go mining for crafting materials with my pack animal to carry loads of mats. At the mine, some dickhead would throw grenades at my Brahmin!! This went on for several weeks.

I had nightmares about it. Somehow I eventually befriended the Troll, and he gave me a piece of advice that literally changed the game and doubled my productivity in game.

There was also another fonline in which a Raider Group would go around destroying everything in their path. They would blow up towns, kill innocent noobs and small groups of players.

They would infiltrate other clans and rob their bases blind in the dark of night.

Eventually, it all became too much and the developers limited “loot drop.” Meaning that if you killed another player, you would no longer be able to take all their inventory.

It sounded good. But without the danger of loss, the game became too easy.

The player base fled and left only a handful of people still on the server.

In real life, there are not a lot of examples that I can think of where your enemy can help you. There is perhaps only one.

That is that your friends and family will always tell you that they think you can do anything. And this is a lie. No one person can do everything.

Your enemies, on the other hand, will tell you that you can’t do anything and while this is a lie as well, there is an advantage in this.

It is this that your detractors will give you the anger to accomplish your goals. You will succeed just to spite someone.

I had someone that cheated me one time. Not a lot of money, but enough that it made me angry.

In the act of trying to revenge, I became so good in so many other skills that my revenge became a side effect rather than the primary goal.

The amount of irritation that I gave them probably was not as advantageous to me in the long run as the self-improvement that I made to myself to achieve the revenge.

Explore, you must go beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone.
There was a time that I would try to only go into the wilderness to hunt wild geckos to sell pelts.

It was relatively easy, and there were so few people interrupting my gameplay.

While I made money, I didn’t make a lot of money. I wasn’t opening up new areas of the map. I couldn’t discover what else there was to do in the game.
Eventually, I became bored and started to explore the map a little more. I would go to different towns and speak to NPCs, I would talk to other players, and they would tell me different things to do that might be of interest.

There were other ways to level quickly and new dungeons to crawl. I learned how to find rare items and did it so well that I could basically have anything I wanted with little effort and became wealthy doing it.

In my own life, I thought that getting a passport was some kind of long arduous process. I avoided it worrying that the government would find some way to deny me.

Eventually, I had no other choice than to go and get my passport. It was easy, there were only a few questions, and since that time I have been able to travel to many different countries with just a little money.

I ignored my own fears and just did what I needed to do. Since that time I have enjoyed traveling and seeing new things that I would never have if I had listened to my inner demons and just stayed in my comfort zone.


Grinding sucks but often it is the only way to get ahead.
Grinding in a Fonline meant many things. It meant shoveling shit, cutting down trees, mining ores, killing hordes of low-level enemies. It could suggest doing a dungeon crawl and waiting for the respawn.

Crafting and selling batches of goods to vendors. Rinse and repeat. It sucks, hours of gameplay just so you could have that one fantastic raid. It was often the only way to achieve that quest to get that one bonus that you would enjoy until the next game wipe.

Eventually, I found a mine that I could both kill enemies to level and mine for gold. I found it to be incredibly cathartic and rewarding. I didn’t need queue in a group for a town raid, waiting for people to arrive and gear up. The best part was that so few people came to this mine that I practically had it all to myself.

No one likes to work. You might enjoy your job to a certain extent, but no one would rather be at work or even running their own business as opposed to doing something more fun. But it is part of life, the grind. Often it is the only way to be able to do the things that you want to do.

The chance that you are going to be able to win the lottery is very very low. So learn to enjoy the grind. Enjoy your co-workers or other students and learn to have fun in a way that you won’t get fired or expelled for.

Hopefully, you make a little more than “just” enough to cover your bills and can save away for more exciting things to do. If not then you need to look at reducing your bills or trying to find a way to get more work by grinding more. There really isn’t a secret or magic bullet to this. It is just the way it is and has always been.

The only real thing I can say is to try to find some kind of grind that is more in the line of your own interest and temperament. Even if it isn’t your dream job, it will put you in a better position to find your dream job someday.

There is no point in going to school for Liberal Arts when you love to work on cars. Whether you become a mechanic or an engineer, it will help you to grind that much better and put you within striking distance of your dream job.

Not everyone plays the game the same way.
There were the raiders, there were the PVP Apes that did nothing but try to control towns, there were the PK’s who love nothing more than to ruin someone’s day.

Then some people liked to create more creative gameplay methods.

There was a small group that tried to create a mining guild. They attempted to establish a trade network to the various factions.

There was one guy that worked to develop a kind of wasteland CIA/KGB with a network of spies. Beyond the basics, people came up with genuinely remarkable ways to play an ancient and basic game.

No more was evident than in everyday life. Even though I might be the right person, there are others that try to get over. One person’s motivations may be to make as much money as possible while another’s may be to help as many people as possible.

The methods to get to the same goal are different across the board as well.

General Patton once said, “Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.” True today as it was then. People play the game of life in a wide variety of ways, and no one way is necessarily the right way to do it.

You have to keep this in mind. Always try to understand a person’s motivations while trying not to taint it through your own personal filters. Easier said than done in many cases.

Don’t trust everyone you meet.

One of the most tragic parts of the game was when a noob entered into a protected area and was offered help by someone. “You’re new right? If you need help to follow me to my base, I can give you some gear.” the player would say. That poor bastard would follow the veteran player and be lead out into the desert to be shot and left for dead on the ground.

Not everyone in life has your best interests at heart. It is difficult to distinguish the true altruist from the one that only wants to take advantage of you in some way.

Learn to read people, learn how to protect yourself from the predators of the world. Learn the scams, and if something is too good to be true, then it isn’t.

Always protect yourself with written agreements and discover ways to mitigate any losses from potential bad deals. Knowledge isn’t power by itself, it is the application of knowledge that is power.

The more verified information you have, the better off you are.

There is one prepper company that offers survival classes and training. The problem is that people purchased these classes online and never heard from the company again.

A quick view of the reviews and a little investigation of the website makes it easy to determine that they are scamming people.

Sometimes it isn’t so easy. Sometimes you really need to do your homework to not be taken for a ride. I am surprised that people will meet up in today’s world from hook up apps without knowing a single thing about the other person.

You could literally be walking into a serial killer’s or future stalker’s house ladies. For some action that may or may not be any good.

Difficulties make you stronger.

In Fonline the difficulties weren’t just from the regular enemies, they came from the other people. Players would try to lie cheat and steal from you. You would walk into a town and players would exploit the lag between the moment you arrived to rob you blind, literally. Eventually, it makes you more aware. You know what to do and what not to do.

The same happens in life. You may hate what happens to you. It will suck.

But eventually you will adapt to it and overcome any obstacle. This troubles is there for you to become better. Sometimes it might seem like the entire world is against you, but just remember that someone somewhere has faced and overcome the same problems at some time in life.

No one enjoys problems but keeping a keen mind ready for it will help you to overcome the problems.


15 Bucketlist Items before Apocalypse

15 Bucketlist Items before Apocalypse

15 bucket list items to accomplish before the apocalypse. Everyone has a bucket list whether it is written or just something that you have in mind. However, you will never be able to accomplish all of them after the apocalypse either from lack of gasoline or because the places will no longer exist. Here I have written 15 bucket list items to accomplish while you still can.

Visit new York – Undoubtedly as a symbol of American Capitalism New York city would be targeted for nuclear annihilation. Even if it weren’t, in the event of a pandemic the massive population in such a small area would be rife to become infected turning into zombies. So get there while you can get folks. Enjoy the Statue of Liberty while Liberty still exists. See the big apple.

Visit Washington D.C. – Home to the leadership of the U.S. this will definitely be targeted in a decapitation strike. Unfortunately, it is also home to some of the best Museums in the World. Museums featuring natural wonders, art, history are all within walking distance to one another. Best of all, they are free.

Learn archery – Archery is a proven technique for acquiring food. It is relatively silent when compared to firing a gun. It also has the added benefits of being an incredibly good workout and helps in developing a sense of distance. Let’s face it, the only reason Daryl from TWD is liked is because of his sweet skills with a cross bow.

Ice Skate – When the world freezes over from nuclear winter, you will need some method to traverse the massive lakes of ice. Ice skating is the only way to travel. Fun as well as helping to develop a keen sense of balance. Learning to Ice Skate now, while the medical system is still well stocked and running. That way, if you break your leg, you won’t have to amputate it with a rusted spoon.

Horseback riding – need a quick way to escape from intelligent Chimpanzees? On horseback is the best way. With proper training, you will be roping zombies with your lasso in no time. A great way to spend an afternoon with a loved one or solo, this is one of the most fun activities you can do with your pants on.

Shoot a gun -Let’s face it, at some point, you will need to fight off gangs of raiders or hordes of the infected. Learn to shoot a gun now while the risks are low. It isn’t as crazy as you might think and some people even find that it is a very zen-like experience. Who knows, you could be the Post Apocalypse Rambo and not even know it.

Go scuba diving – Learning to breathe with a tank of compressed air is not as easy as you might think. There is a lot to think about and to learn. There techniques to make that air last as long as possible. It also opens up a world of possibility considering that most of the Earth is covered with water. That is even before the Polar Ice Caps melt and drown the rest of the world. I know I have learned simply in the hopes of killing Kevin Costners weird Fishman character.

Sky Diving – Planes will probably not have enough Guzzoline after the collapse. So do this now while you still can. Learn what you are really made of. Do you have the courage to make that leap or should you just find a local warlord to grow organic non-gmo beans for? This will tell you one way or the other.

Jet Skiing – Local dictators, based on old oil tankers need people who know how to use jet skis. They are quick and efficient raiding vehicles in a world flooded by the deluge of global warming. They are also incredibly exciting and fun to drive around on. Why? Because they book. They are crazy fast. Instead of decapitating yourself on an ATV, or wrapping your Lambo onto a power line and burning to death, do this instead. It is relatively safer and satisfies your need for speed. Just watch out for the Meg.

Wrestle an Alligator – Death Claws don’t exist, yet. So until they do, this is the best way to get your melee skills up enough to face down one of the most dangerous animals in the wasteland. You can wrestle alligators for fun or for profit, usually in Florida. Because people from Florida are crazy, as anyone who doesn’t live in Florida already knows.

Explore a cave – Spelunking is a great way to test your skills in rappelling. For those who can’t or won’t rappel there are also easily accessible caves such as Carlsbad Caverns in the west of the U.S. and the Mammoth Cave system in the East. Who knows, you may find your new home to shelter from all the radiation. There are also some incredibly beautiful natural rock formations that can’t be seen anywhere else.

Rappel down a waterfall – What could be more fun than regular rappelling? Rappelling down the side of a waterfall. Tricky and exciting, this will test your skills of agiliity in an exciting challenge. Of course, you will need to have rappelled a few times under normal conditions before doing this. And never try to do it by yourself. Instead, do it with a trained and competent professional.

Shear a sheep – Eventually all the clothes in the store will have been looted or will be rotting in heaps. Everyone will need to create their own latest wasteland fashion. With wool being the best natural material for keeping warm and wicking away moisture, it is the material of choice for all wilderness survival experts. Learning to remove the wool from a sheep to make your own clothes is not only fun but ecologically friendly.

Swim in the Georgia Aquarium – Atlanta Georgia U.S. is home to the second largest aquarium in the world. It houses massive 25 foot/ 7.5 meter long fish, which everyone will immediately eat during the Apocalypse. So swim with these beautiful creatures along with sharks, manta rays and one of the most extensive assortment of saltwater fish in one location anywhere while you can.

Learn to sew – Tripping and getting eaten by mutants because you had a hole in your pants is not a good death. This old fashioned skill will keep your Post Apocalypse gear looking fresh as well as being an easy way to learn a few knots. If it was good enough for your great Grams, it should be good enough for you as well. Besides, how are you going to craft a new jacket out of the mutated lizard people you just genocided if you don’t?