Best College Degrees for the Apocalypse


And today.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

With the availability of large companies to make drugs after the apocalypse someone with the knowledge and ability to manufacture drugs will be in high demand. It will be one of the safer jobs within the confines of a survivor community as many people will want to protect their source of medicines. Someone who is able to reverse engineer drugs or have some idea of how to produce known medicines will be paramount to anyone who doesn’t want to die a stupid death.


What better tactical advantage to have than the ability to produce explosives? Beyond explosives, a chemist can help make the materials that could be invaluable in P.A. Someone who could make something out of basically useless materials is an incredible skill. It is basically magic in a lot of ways, Chemists are real-world Magicians.

A water chemist (yes they exist), would be another valuable if overlooked kind of chemist. Being able to purify and verify that water is safe would be extremely helpful should a toxic scenario exist. Any sort of applied chemical engineering is going to go a long way after doomsday.

Agricultural and botanical studies

At some point, people will have to start growing their own food again. The main issue that not many people maintain the skills actually to grow crops. More still don’t know how to process and keep seeds for future planting. After the fall, anyone that is able to grow food will find themselves in a better position to stay alive after all the stores have been looted.


There will be a time in which people will need to harvest raw materials from the local landscape. Understanding how to locate rocks that have essential metals and how to make the minds to produce them is valuable. Knowledge how to extract these metals would be useful.

What would be more valuable is knowing how to locate groundwater and teaching people how to drill for it.


Mathematics is essential now, it was important during the time of the Silk Road. There is no reason to believe that it would not be important in the post-apocalypse. Whether it is to assist another science-based professional in crafting batches of materials and goods or simply to teach a newer generation. The need for someone versed in mathematics will be a skill that is needed now and in the wastelands.


Understanding virology and being able to assist in the production of medicines with the aid of a chemist would be significant. If nothing else it would make it easier to understand the properties of a pandemic and help to put into effective methods of preventing further loss of life.


From the moment the first witch doctor placed a poultice of dung onto an open wound till now when we can defeat Cancer in some instances, someone that knows how to treat the human body has been a valuable skill. This is a profession that will never go out of style. There will be some issues in that the use of high tech equipment and testing may not be available. However, it should be noted that there will be a need for someone that is able to treat and diagnose with a minimum of supplies.

Electrical engineering 

I already know that you’re going to tell me about the power grid being down. Guess what? It will take someone who knows how it all works to get it back up and running. Even on a smaller scale. Someone that could potentially design and build a system whether it be run off of a water wheel or a windmill. I’m talking about large scale production of electrical energy without it all catching everything on fire.

Beyond that, this person could potentially be able to fix or produce smaller electrical devices such as night vision goggles or radios. Turning scrap into usable items beyond a wasteland belt.

Engineering – Engineering in today’s age is based more upon being able to build something in AutoCAD. However, back in the good old days of the 1950s Engineers were able to send men to the moon by using nothing more than a chalkboard and slide rule. It is my biggest criticism of today’s engineers that they don’t own their own set of tools. However, knowing the fundamentals of engineering for a fully trained engineer and a mechanic will have tremendous value in rebuilding the world.


There is a particular thought process, a way of thinking that someone who has studied economics has that is a valuable commodity. It is a little difficult to explain, but basically, it allows a person to take information and produce a plan of action that takes into account a lot of things that other people would usually miss. This thought process holds such value that it makes creating plans for defense, attack, intelligence gathering, developing systems and creating advantages by using available resources in ways that untrained people just would not have thought of is what makes them such valuable resources.

It is the equivalent of seeing the future. Only you don’t need a crystal ball. All you need is a fair amount of accurate information.


If I had the choice between an excellent experienced mechanic and an engineer, most of the time I would lean towards the mechanic. They just seem to be able to fix and build with a higher level of success than engineers. That being said all trades will be necessary. Men that know how to assemble and also disassemble will be a huge component of the new world. The Colosseum of Rome was partly dismantled for raw materials to build other buildings. While this seems like a tragedy that this beautiful edifice was deconstructed to a certain extent. I’m sure that no one still alive after the Huns sacked the city really cared about architecture when they were just trying to keep warm.

Business Administration

The least value to the Post Apocalypse but still, at some point people that know how to run and manage people will become critical to the smooth operation of a survivor community. Should that community grow large enough. Accountability for resources, understanding where and what people are doing and how to conclusively establish a normal standard operating procedure will eventually aid in developing a more functional survivor camp.

It also helps that this is a more valuable degree than some other degrees in today’s world.

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