APA Interviews M.P. Fitzgerald.

APA Interviews M.P. Fitzgerald.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with the Author of “A Happy Bureaucracy.” It is one of the most entertaining takes on the Post-Apocalypse written in recent decades. M.P. Fitzgerald gives us insight into his book, tips for other writers and an exclusive sneak peek into his upcoming follow-up novel.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What kind of person writes a book like this?

A lunatic, mostly. I am a post-apocalyptic parody author with a penchant for the dark stuff. I was born and raised in the Sierra Nevada mountains where my only field trips as a boy were to the Donner Party’s campsite and occasionally to a casino.

I currently live in Seattle now where no one believes me that this was normal.

I have a very deep need to point out the abyss and laugh at it, and so far I am very fortunate that others find my behavior to be entertaining.

What made/influenced you to become a writer?

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a kid. Books were all around me constantly, I think we had a couple of bookshelves per room growing up.

I have always had an artistic pursuit of some kind, but ultimately writing is always what I gravitate toward the most.


With the enormous amount of Zombie post-apocalypse novels out there, at last count over 1000, what made you decide to go in the direction that you did?

I do love my zombie apocalypse, but in my heart-of-hearts the post-nuclear holocaust is the gold standard for wasteland fiction. I grew up watching A Boy and his Dog on VHS and played Fallout 2 until my eyes bled.

It is far more frightening to me to know that at any moment the world could end in nuclear fire because our leaders act like toddlers then it is to imagine my neighbor eating my brains.

More realistic too. Plus, the post-nuclear holocaust is just rife with a brand of madness that is singularly its own and I really wanted to play in that irradiated sandbox.

I also think that doing a zombie-less apocalypse helps the book stand out. I love my Z culture, but a lot of it sort of blends together and the last thing I wanted to do was write something forgettable.

 Tell our readers a little about your book.

A Happy Bureaucracy is Mad Max meets Hunter S. Thompson with a dash of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. It takes place in a post-apocalypse where the IRS is the only government institution to survive World War III.

Imagine the nail-biting, fever-dream action of Mad Max: Furry Road coming to a sudden halt as black-tied auditors pull Furiosa aside for not doing her taxes.

It is based off of the IRS’s real-life plans to handle an apocalypse, and I love how naively optimistic that plan is in the face of our traditionally bleak views of the wasteland setting.

If I were to summarize the plot: After the world ended the least important question was immediately asked: who is going to collect all of the taxes?

Arthur McDowell is a steadfast tax auditor craving the safety of the desk job due to him. However, his dreams are put on hold as the IRS plans a census into new irradiated territory and he is forced to work with freelance Enforcer, Rabia Duke, whose diet of drugs is hand to mouth.

This will be a suicide mission, and neither is keen to see the other survive. Arthur must survive roving gangs of cannibals, radiation, and starvation. But most of all he has to survive the biggest wasteland gang of them all: the IRS!

I am counting down the days until someone locks me up in an asylum for this 😛

 What was the hardest part of the story to write for you?

The final draft. I had cut out so much and had rewritten a few chapters and it was hard for me to know when I was done—when it was appropriate to stop editing it. But in all honestly, I had a blast writing this book!

What was the most interesting experience that you’ve had since you’ve been writing? 

I’ve had a reader of mine reach out to me and mail me cash from Hawaii for a book because they were retired and did not have a bank account (don’t tell the IRS, they will KILL me).

They let me know how much Sci-Fi meant to them and how much it helped them get through hard times growing up. It struck a chord with me— being able to reach a reader and connect with them on such a level is something I would never trade for.

I still talk to that reader, and they have lived a very interesting life. I would have never met this friend if it were not for my books. I cherish it.

Your writing reminds me of  Terry Pratchett or  Piers Anthony writing a post-apocalypse novel. Have they influenced your work?

That is a pretty high complement, thank you! Yes! Terry Pratchett is a big influence on my work, as well as Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut, and Hunter S. Thompson.

I love how genuinely clever those authors are, and how well they walk the line of madness and genius.

I think Pratchett and Adams in particular opened my eyes on how lovingly one can make fun of their favorite genre and produce something wholly new and genuine.

What advice would you have for other writers?

Don’t filter yourself until your third draft. If you are punching the keys and you stop yourself to wonder “Is this okay? Does this cross a line?” keep going because you’ve struck gold.

Let your first couple of drafts be as raw as possible, then dress it up for others when you edit. That, and write everyday. Even if it is just a sentence, get it down on paper. The habit is the most important part of the journey.

What kind of projects are you currently working on?

I am working on the sequel to A Happy Bureaucracy and I am also constantly working on short stories which I share with members of mailing list.

Any teasers to the new book?

Oh hell yes! The next book is going to be called Fear and Loathing in the Wasteland. It will be faster, weirder, funnier and have a lot more curse words. Here’s a sample: 

“What happened to that can of dog food I gave you?” Rabia asked with eyebrows lowered and smoke pouring from her lips. No answer. Rabia took another drag on her cigarette, and with no calm asked again, “What about the dog food, Dinner?”

“You got to eat the fruit. I don’t want the dog food!” Dinner finally responded, her eyes looking sour at the fire, avoiding Rabia’s gaze.

“The canned grapefruit helps metabolize my drugs quicker. Eat your food,” said Rabia.
“Do I get to do drugs?”

“Listen, I don’t care what you do with your money, kid, but the more people doing drugs the less there is for me. Eat. Your. Food,” Rabia said between her teeth.

I think this book will be perfect for Youth Bible Study and weddings, specifically 😛


 When can we expect them?

The next book will be out this summer, and the short stories will be delivered right to subscribers mailboxes in the meantime.

 Where can people buy your book?

You can find the book here on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MN5K1DW where it is free for Kindle Unlimited users and less than a Big Mac for everyone else!

You can also get its free companion book and prequel, Memos from the Wasteland when you subscribe to my Bunker Dispatches here: https://revfitz.com/free-novel/ Thanks for having me, this was a blast!

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APA Interviews M.P. Fitzgerald.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with the Author of "A Happy Bureaucracy." It is one of the most entertaining takes on the Post-Apocalypse written in recent decades. M.P. Fitzgerald gives us insight into his book, tips for other writers and an exclusive sneak...

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Best College Degrees for the Apocalypse and Today.

Best College Degrees for the Apocalypse and Today.

Best College Degrees for the Apocalypse


And today.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

With the availability of large companies to make drugs after the apocalypse someone with the knowledge and ability to manufacture drugs will be in high demand. It will be one of the safer jobs within the confines of a survivor community as many people will want to protect their source of medicines. Someone who is able to reverse engineer drugs or have some idea of how to produce known medicines will be paramount to anyone who doesn’t want to die a stupid death.


What better tactical advantage to have than the ability to produce explosives? Beyond explosives, a chemist can help make the materials that could be invaluable in P.A. Someone who could make something out of basically useless materials is an incredible skill. It is basically magic in a lot of ways, Chemists are real-world Magicians.

A water chemist (yes they exist), would be another valuable if overlooked kind of chemist. Being able to purify and verify that water is safe would be extremely helpful should a toxic scenario exist. Any sort of applied chemical engineering is going to go a long way after doomsday.

Agricultural and botanical studies

At some point, people will have to start growing their own food again. The main issue that not many people maintain the skills actually to grow crops. More still don’t know how to process and keep seeds for future planting. After the fall, anyone that is able to grow food will find themselves in a better position to stay alive after all the stores have been looted.


There will be a time in which people will need to harvest raw materials from the local landscape. Understanding how to locate rocks that have essential metals and how to make the minds to produce them is valuable. Knowledge how to extract these metals would be useful.

What would be more valuable is knowing how to locate groundwater and teaching people how to drill for it.


Mathematics is essential now, it was important during the time of the Silk Road. There is no reason to believe that it would not be important in the post-apocalypse. Whether it is to assist another science-based professional in crafting batches of materials and goods or simply to teach a newer generation. The need for someone versed in mathematics will be a skill that is needed now and in the wastelands.


Understanding virology and being able to assist in the production of medicines with the aid of a chemist would be significant. If nothing else it would make it easier to understand the properties of a pandemic and help to put into effective methods of preventing further loss of life.


From the moment the first witch doctor placed a poultice of dung onto an open wound till now when we can defeat Cancer in some instances, someone that knows how to treat the human body has been a valuable skill. This is a profession that will never go out of style. There will be some issues in that the use of high tech equipment and testing may not be available. However, it should be noted that there will be a need for someone that is able to treat and diagnose with a minimum of supplies.

Electrical engineering 

I already know that you’re going to tell me about the power grid being down. Guess what? It will take someone who knows how it all works to get it back up and running. Even on a smaller scale. Someone that could potentially design and build a system whether it be run off of a water wheel or a windmill. I’m talking about large scale production of electrical energy without it all catching everything on fire.

Beyond that, this person could potentially be able to fix or produce smaller electrical devices such as night vision goggles or radios. Turning scrap into usable items beyond a wasteland belt.

Engineering – Engineering in today’s age is based more upon being able to build something in AutoCAD. However, back in the good old days of the 1950s Engineers were able to send men to the moon by using nothing more than a chalkboard and slide rule. It is my biggest criticism of today’s engineers that they don’t own their own set of tools. However, knowing the fundamentals of engineering for a fully trained engineer and a mechanic will have tremendous value in rebuilding the world.


There is a particular thought process, a way of thinking that someone who has studied economics has that is a valuable commodity. It is a little difficult to explain, but basically, it allows a person to take information and produce a plan of action that takes into account a lot of things that other people would usually miss. This thought process holds such value that it makes creating plans for defense, attack, intelligence gathering, developing systems and creating advantages by using available resources in ways that untrained people just would not have thought of is what makes them such valuable resources.

It is the equivalent of seeing the future. Only you don’t need a crystal ball. All you need is a fair amount of accurate information.


If I had the choice between an excellent experienced mechanic and an engineer, most of the time I would lean towards the mechanic. They just seem to be able to fix and build with a higher level of success than engineers. That being said all trades will be necessary. Men that know how to assemble and also disassemble will be a huge component of the new world. The Colosseum of Rome was partly dismantled for raw materials to build other buildings. While this seems like a tragedy that this beautiful edifice was deconstructed to a certain extent. I’m sure that no one still alive after the Huns sacked the city really cared about architecture when they were just trying to keep warm.

Business Administration

The least value to the Post Apocalypse but still, at some point people that know how to run and manage people will become critical to the smooth operation of a survivor community. Should that community grow large enough. Accountability for resources, understanding where and what people are doing and how to conclusively establish a normal standard operating procedure will eventually aid in developing a more functional survivor camp.

It also helps that this is a more valuable degree than some other degrees in today’s world.

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Home made booze

Home made booze

Two Easy Ways to Make Alcohol From Home

Who doesn’t like to do a little partying during the Apocalypse? I know I do. But when those shining, almost glowing from inner light booze stores have already been raided and looted, what is a Wastelander to do?

Make your own of course!!

With some sugar and a little time at your disposal, you’ll be well on your way to manufacturing safe?- to drink alcohol.

Alcohol is useful in calming and inducing a relaxed state. It has some medicinal qualities.

It also can make you take off all your clothes and do all kinds of things that you’ll regret in the morning.

So let’s make some alcohol and some bad decisions together.

For the purposes of this article, we shall be looking at two simple and basic ways to make alcohol from home.

If you die or go blind that just means that you did it wrong.

How To Make Alcohol From Table Sugar

Notably, this type of alcohol does not taste as great as compared to the excellent stuff decked on the shelves in stores. However, it is instrumental in making a person drunk. In Finland, this type of alcohol is commonly referred to as Kiliju.

Below are the steps on how to make it:
• A cup of table sugar
• Four cups of water that is heated up to 85 degrees
• Two teaspoons of wine or baker’s yeast
• A glass jar
• A bucket
• A two-liter bottle

• Take the yeast, sugar and the four cups of warm water and mix them into a container. Ensure that the bottle is plastic and is clean before mixing in the contents
• To mix thoroughly, shake the contents inside the bottle before placing a lid over it.
• Ensure that you do not tighten the top to let the gas escape as you allow the mixture ferment
• Let it ferment for at least seven days. You’ll know that the mixture is done fermenting if you can no longer see bubbles
• Once fermented, filter it using a coffee filter. This helps remove all the yeast particles from the drink. Do this a couple of times until the mixture is clear
• Once filtered, it is ready to drink. Enjoy

How To Make Alcohol From Fruit Juice

This type of alcohol is a lot tastier than its Kiliju counterpart, thanks to the fruit juice.
• A gallon of juice. Please ensure that the juice is 100 percent
• ¼ teaspoon of yeast, specifically wine yeast
• ½ cup of cane sugar
• An airlock bubbler
• A bottle stopper

• Grab a glass and pour half a cup of the fruit juice into it.
• Add the yeast and sugar before mixing it thoroughly. For extra measure, place a lid over the glass to give the mixture a good shake. Stop when you’ve noticed that the sugar and yeast have dissolved
• Now, pour the mixture into a bottle with the cap loosely placed over it
• Place the glass with the mixture inside a dish. This way, whatever juice bubbles out will fall into the dish
• Let it ferment for two days straight before shaking the mixture again. While shaking the mixture, please ensure that the lid is tightly placed on top of the bottle to avoid spillage
• Place the container back into a dish and let it ferment for two more days before shaking it again. After the two days are over, shake the mixture again and place it in the lid for another two days
• After six days, push the stopper into the bottle. Then, add water into the airlock halfway. Add the airlock to the bottle.
• Let the mixture sit for about six more weeks.
• The water in the airlock helps keep insects away. Moreover, it helps the gas produced during the fermentation process to escape out of the bottle
• As you wait for the six weeks to elapse, keep checking it. Ensure that the airlock is still filled with water halfway.
• After the six weeks of fermentation, check for any bubbling. If there’s no sign of bubbling, the drink is ready for consumption

IO (2019)

IO (2019)


I don’t know whether it’s the cinematography or the overall feel of the film that initially pulls you in. But you are instantly drawn into this world in which some ecological event has made the air dangerous

. It instantaneously gives the feeling of loneliness as you watch the main character walks around in solitude attempting to find signs of life in an abandoned earth.

It’s worth watching if you don’t mind a beautiful film with a very weak ending. More of a character study than an actual movie.

It would have been great as a side story in another film.

Main Story

Nearly the entire population of Earth has left on vessels to live in orbit around IO one of the moons of Jupiter.

There, unseen throughout the movie they are attempting to find a new habitable planet for the survivors of Earth.

The main character, Sam aka. Samantha has decided to continue the work of her father, a scientist who has died at some point in the recent past.

Until without notice a man arrives in a hot air balloon to meet with her father. ( It sounds more ridiculous than it is, inside the world it makes sense.)

Tension builds as the man discovers that the father scientist has died and he has made the trip for nothing.

The last vessel leaving the earth is scheduled to leave in a few days, the wind is going in the wrong direction for the air balloon to make the trip.

When the site of the launch is changed (it is the last vessel, but then they change location?) they don’t have enough helium for the balloon.

The film doesn’t fall apart, but the ending is so lackluster that I was left mildly disappointed. It’s a film that is filled with a post-apo atmosphere, and the sets are very good looking and visually striking.

The only problem is the plot is so full of holes that you wonder whether or not all this art direction would have been better off in another film.

Margaret Qualley is enjoyable to watch as “Sam.” The young protagonist of the film and is believable as an overly intelligent dumbass with a fast and loose moral compass.

Anthony Mackie who plays “Micah” playing alternatively between angry and attempting to be helpful.

You see more the beginnings of an abusive relationship in his character than someone who is trying to help.

They eventually end up together at the end of the movie, and it isn’t really shocking so much as it is kind of a weird response.

Danny Huston is there to portray the father in a few brief scenes. His portrayal is wooden and could have been played by literally anyone else.

I’m not damning his acting abilities; it is just that you see him so little that it is basically not even worth having him in the film.

Decent movie if you are bored.

A movie you can watch and get up in during the middle of it and not have to worry about finishing later.

The tag line of the movie should have been, “IO, it’s ok I guess.”

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Why Negan is the Good Guy of The Walking Dead.

Why Negan is the Good Guy of The Walking Dead.

Sure, he has his quirks. Who wouldn’t have some kind of psychological problems after the end of the world as we know it? However, Negan shows us what leadership should be in a post-apocalypse.

The Negan Provides

Negan supplied a safe environment for the most productive members of his group. You may have thought of Negan’s Head Quarters as a prison work camp for the people living there.

Look at it again with a more critical eye, without the emotional strain of Abraham and Glens’s deaths.

It had clean water, food, even electricity. Barter could be done without fear of being killed for the goods you were trading.. There was medical care.

And most importantly, people didn’t have to worry about attacks from the undead or other survivors.

All the basic necessities of post apoc life were available in his compound. Hell, there were even video games there.

Keeps other more dangerous people in check and is able to control their actions.

Let’s face it if it weren’t Negan it would have been someone else. It might have been the cannibals at Terminus.

It might have been Simon who is definitely a worse proposition. It might have been those psychos at the junkyard.

What Negan does is keep those other more dangerous groups or people in check.

Simon is held under the thumb of Negan throughout the show, until the end of Negan’s reign. The trash people stay in the trash.

Bonus: no one has to eat human flesh.

You might argue that he was evil because he forced Dwight’s wife to become his wife. I didn’t see Dwight’s wife arguing.

Sure he had  a harem but what powerful ruler in history hasn’t had a flock of ladies waiting in the wings?

You might say that he is worse than the kingdom or the hilltop. Perhaps that is true.

The King is a good guy, but at the same time he just made it all up. He was just trying to hold it all together and at some point that Tiger was going to eat someone.

The guy from the Hilltop is just a weasel who would sell anyone out to save his own skin. How can you trust a guy like that to lead?

He places people in positions where they will do the most good.

He doesn’t use people like Eugene to go and collect taxes. He employs the people that other people will fear.

This is a significant advantage in Post-apo. Folks won’t want to give up their goods. Goods that could possibly just go to waste.

Let’s face it, none of the other survival colonies were starving and someone had to make sure that they would hand over those items.

The people with valuable skill sets he took to his compound. Where they could be protected and utilized in the most effective ways possible.

Where resources would be available to them to produce goods that would be of value to others.

I think that had the people of Hilltop or the Kingdom asked for something that they needed, they might have been able to get it from Negan.

But they didn’t ask. Instead, the Hilltop sent assassins to try and kill the man. I would be acting a little pissy too if someone had come to kill me.

And probably would have retaliated as anyone else would have.

I believe Negan had a plan.

I almost feel as though there was a method to the way that Negan conducted his little Fiefdom.

Gathering skilled labor and resources under one roof. Solidifying a power base and centralizing authority.

If Negan had just a little more time without the distraction of Rick’s group trying to murder him, I think he would have been able to create a better world for everyone.

What he needed was technical know-how which Eugene would have provided. That is, had Eugene not betrayed him.

That engineering skill would have helped Negan to capitalize on the available resources and manpower he had already established.

They might have been able to provide power to the other colonies. Secure medical training for each area.

He is a man of his word.

At no point has Negan not done  what he said he would do. Sure it has been heavy-handed at times.

Ok, well, most of the time. But still it is better leadership than the unstructured, fly by the seat of the pants, goal lacking direction of that literal Cuckold Rick.

Rick the guy that has led his band of followers from one dangerous situation to another, starving half the time.

It is almost as if he is playing a game of musical chairs where you end up a corpse or a zombie.

At this point, it is safe to say that he has won that round of musical chairs.

Out of the original group of survivors, Rick is the absolutely only one to be still alive.



He makes spaghetti for your kids

That’s right, he makes spaghetti for your kids…Rick. Who else at the end of the world would make spaghetti for your kids but Negan?

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