15 bucket list items to accomplish before the apocalypse. Everyone has a bucket list whether it is written or just something that you have in mind. However, you will never be able to accomplish all of them after the apocalypse either from lack of gasoline or because the places will no longer exist. Here I have written 15 bucket list items to accomplish while you still can.

Visit new York – Undoubtedly as a symbol of American Capitalism New York city would be targeted for nuclear annihilation. Even if it weren’t, in the event of a pandemic the massive population in such a small area would be rife to become infected turning into zombies. So get there while you can get folks. Enjoy the Statue of Liberty while Liberty still exists. See the big apple.

Visit Washington D.C. – Home to the leadership of the U.S. this will definitely be targeted in a decapitation strike. Unfortunately, it is also home to some of the best Museums in the World. Museums featuring natural wonders, art, history are all within walking distance to one another. Best of all, they are free.

Learn archery – Archery is a proven technique for acquiring food. It is relatively silent when compared to firing a gun. It also has the added benefits of being an incredibly good workout and helps in developing a sense of distance. Let’s face it, the only reason Daryl from TWD is liked is because of his sweet skills with a cross bow.

Ice Skate – When the world freezes over from nuclear winter, you will need some method to traverse the massive lakes of ice. Ice skating is the only way to travel. Fun as well as helping to develop a keen sense of balance. Learning to Ice Skate now, while the medical system is still well stocked and running. That way, if you break your leg, you won’t have to amputate it with a rusted spoon.

Horseback riding – need a quick way to escape from intelligent Chimpanzees? On horseback is the best way. With proper training, you will be roping zombies with your lasso in no time. A great way to spend an afternoon with a loved one or solo, this is one of the most fun activities you can do with your pants on.

Shoot a gun -Let’s face it, at some point, you will need to fight off gangs of raiders or hordes of the infected. Learn to shoot a gun now while the risks are low. It isn’t as crazy as you might think and some people even find that it is a very zen-like experience. Who knows, you could be the Post Apocalypse Rambo and not even know it.

Go scuba diving – Learning to breathe with a tank of compressed air is not as easy as you might think. There is a lot to think about and to learn. There techniques to make that air last as long as possible. It also opens up a world of possibility considering that most of the Earth is covered with water. That is even before the Polar Ice Caps melt and drown the rest of the world. I know I have learned simply in the hopes of killing Kevin Costners weird Fishman character.

Sky Diving – Planes will probably not have enough Guzzoline after the collapse. So do this now while you still can. Learn what you are really made of. Do you have the courage to make that leap or should you just find a local warlord to grow organic non-gmo beans for? This will tell you one way or the other.

Jet Skiing – Local dictators, based on old oil tankers need people who know how to use jet skis. They are quick and efficient raiding vehicles in a world flooded by the deluge of global warming. They are also incredibly exciting and fun to drive around on. Why? Because they book. They are crazy fast. Instead of decapitating yourself on an ATV, or wrapping your Lambo onto a power line and burning to death, do this instead. It is relatively safer and satisfies your need for speed. Just watch out for the Meg.

Wrestle an Alligator – Death Claws don’t exist, yet. So until they do, this is the best way to get your melee skills up enough to face down one of the most dangerous animals in the wasteland. You can wrestle alligators for fun or for profit, usually in Florida. Because people from Florida are crazy, as anyone who doesn’t live in Florida already knows.

Explore a cave – Spelunking is a great way to test your skills in rappelling. For those who can’t or won’t rappel there are also easily accessible caves such as Carlsbad Caverns in the west of the U.S. and the Mammoth Cave system in the East. Who knows, you may find your new home to shelter from all the radiation. There are also some incredibly beautiful natural rock formations that can’t be seen anywhere else.

Rappel down a waterfall – What could be more fun than regular rappelling? Rappelling down the side of a waterfall. Tricky and exciting, this will test your skills of agiliity in an exciting challenge. Of course, you will need to have rappelled a few times under normal conditions before doing this. And never try to do it by yourself. Instead, do it with a trained and competent professional.

Shear a sheep – Eventually all the clothes in the store will have been looted or will be rotting in heaps. Everyone will need to create their own latest wasteland fashion. With wool being the best natural material for keeping warm and wicking away moisture, it is the material of choice for all wilderness survival experts. Learning to remove the wool from a sheep to make your own clothes is not only fun but ecologically friendly.

Swim in the Georgia Aquarium – Atlanta Georgia U.S. is home to the second largest aquarium in the world. It houses massive 25 foot/ 7.5 meter long fish, which everyone will immediately eat during the Apocalypse. So swim with these beautiful creatures along with sharks, manta rays and one of the most extensive assortment of saltwater fish in one location anywhere while you can.

Learn to sew – Tripping and getting eaten by mutants because you had a hole in your pants is not a good death. This old fashioned skill will keep your Post Apocalypse gear looking fresh as well as being an easy way to learn a few knots. If it was good enough for your great Grams, it should be good enough for you as well. Besides, how are you going to craft a new jacket out of the mutated lizard people you just genocided if you don’t?